Tools for Success in 2014

What’s in your toolkit?sports race

As we embark on a new year, many are making resolutions that focus on fitness and nutrition goals. In a recent post I shared some tips to help multi-tasking moms find time for them selves including the suggestion to find what it is that fills you, energizes you, or recharges your battery. For me the pursuit of physical fitness is that. It is an important area of my life not just in the new year, but all year long as it gives me energy, relieves my stress and helps me find the mental space to tackle the busy-ness of life. Once us moms find the thing that fills us, the next step is to build a support network and get the tools you need to make it happen – and for any mom, that’s the hard part.

My valued support crew

Over the past years I’ve juggled a mega multi-tasking life that often featured 12-hour workdays and international travel on…

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5 Workplace Themes for 2014


An Early Adopter’s View

In a recently published article special to the Globe and Mail, Leah Eichler outlined “Five workplace themes to watch for in 2014”. Reading the piece spurred reaction deep in my newly re-energized self and prompted me to think that if these are the 2014 trends, I may just be ahead of the curve and here’s why…

1. Leaning In – In March of 2013, as a burned out mom working 12+ hour days remotely for a large global IT company, I devoured the messages put forth by Sheryl Sandberg in her new book. Finished it in 24 hours on my e-reader, drove straight to the book store to grab a hard copy I could mark up and highlight for continued reflection. I flipped pages, reading fast trying to find a chapter that would answer the one question that was screaming in my head…

“What happens when you’re so flipping tired of leaning in to their board room tables, fighting to get…

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